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7/17 Introduction Thanks everyone who attended the first seminar! 第一回セミナーご参加ありがとうございました。

The recording will be on youtube soon. We are sending you a link. As Dei suggested, we can use this webpage for discussion. Please feel free to email your opinions to Forum part.

The recording this time is without subtitle, as we did on-site translation. However, there are some parts I spoke in Japanese that may need some explanations. One was about the women's role in the Zenkyōtō student movement. Ueno Chizuko wrote that female students were expected to make rice balls for male student activists, and that this imposition of a gender role was one of the reasons of the birth of Women's Liberation in Japan.

Kyu-en (rescue: a support group of the arrested) was another activity carried out by mostly women (mothers and sisters of the arrested students) started in the early 1960s by Mito Kiyoko. This was also criticized by some feminists as re-enforcing the gender role. It is wrong to force women to take these supporting(care) works, but how about the work itself? Is it not as valuable as the political actions taken by (mostly) male students? Yamamoto Yoshitaka, the leader of Tokyo U. Zenkyōtō group said a few years ago that Kyu-en was the best thing that came out of the whole Zenkyōtō movement. Mito Kiyoko will be a special guest respondent to the 4th seminar by Chelsea Schieder.

Another thing is 'Kaiko no megami(Goddess of Silk warms' I mentioned. The materials about the exhibition are in 'Archive' section of this website. I will translate it into English soon. I will be talking about it and women's labour in Suwa area on the 2nd seminar on July 31.

Looking forward to your opinions and questions!